Interim Management

Do you need additional know-how and experience in a higher management or executive level position to effectively realize a change in your organization? We can provide a sparring partner to guide your organization and take decisive action to help achieve your objectives.

Upfront we will agree upon the content and scope of the assignment

  • Objectives and results
  • Organization, department or area for which the interim manager is responsible
  • Responsibilities and related authorization scheme
  • Reporting structure and frequency
  • Duration of the assignment
  • Cost estimate and course of action in case of deviation from the initial plan
  • Completion of the assignment and sign-off



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Wielaard Management adheres to the professional code of conduct of the ‘Order of organizational and strategy consultants (OOA)’.

We are happy to share our view on your challenges.

If you decide we are the right partner for you, we will gladly prepare a tailor-made offer. Objectives confirmed and all aligned.

The right basis for a proper start of our collaboration!