Project Management

A customer asks for a different flavor, the government announces a change in rules and regulations, a competitor introduces a new product, an innovative technology emerges and offers a new opportunity. What to do next? Such a situation requires a fitting approach. The right manpower and appropriate resources for the job at hand. It is about focusing efforts on achieving results within a set time-frame.

Risk management is a must. ‘Follow the plan!’ is the motto. Think first, then act. Deliver what you promise! If the unexpected happens, get together, discuss, revise and adjust. Take a time-out when needed.

Wielaard Management is very familiar with all of this. Guided by structured project management methods like PMBOK, PRINCE2, lean, agile and scrum, our approach leads to the successful management of your projects and realization of the objectives.

Program management brings together many goals and several related projects, some of which are at odds with each other. We can support you in planning, management and coordination of your project portfolio.



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